I studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation & interpreting at one of the most prestigious Universities in Spain, and my passion for cinema made me specialize in Audiovisual Translation and Dubbing. After graduating in 2009 I moved to Germany where I was working as a freelance translator/interpreter while taking training courses on Audiovisual translation, and attending Audiodescription script-writing sessions on a German TV channel called WDR.

In 2016 I came to Madrid to study Dubbing arts while working in language-related fields. I started working as Translation & Dubbing Project Coordinator. Throughout this time I have been taking more training courses on Audiovisual Translation for VOD Platforms such as Netflix & HBO among others.

I really love languages and cinema, so I find Audiovisual Translation the perfect combination of both passions. Below are some of my University credentials and specialization training courses, which I am so proud of and happy to recommend to other language lovers interested.